1 de dez de 2012

Texto Aleatório!

Vamos escrever qualquer merda coisa? Juntinhos? -n

Use isso, você que não sabe ler inglês: Google Tradutor dessa página.

Once upon a time, there was a session in this blog named as "Random Text", and in that session there are some texts whose consist on a basic story of something awful and some songs names connecting the phrases.
But those are all in portuguese and I thought: Why can't I do one in the opposite? So here I am!

You can acess the others stories clicking here, more here, here and for last here.

"I was truly in love. I was blind of love Por Você. I know that I was having a Exagerado behavior, but there was just Um Minuto Para O Fim Do Mundo and Perder Você É Abraçar A Solidão, it's just something I didn't want to... Never.

Oh, Anna Julia, my Moreninha Linda, please Pense Em Mim forever while I'll think just in you. Pra Ser Sincero I was mad with you at first, but when you showed to Carla how it's done, it just Me Pirou O Cabeção. And that was beginning of it all.

I collected all the Evidências and they all leaded to you. My Razões E Emoções collided and I started writing Uma Música. You, with your Borboletas' tattoo, with that Couro De Boi's boots and that beautiful Fio De Cabelo always in your shoulder, made me love you in A Sua Maneira. You became Meu Reino Encantado e Meu Bem Meu Mal.

But, the worst happened and the world really ended. You... You didn't make it... You weren't Imortal like me, it all happened by a Meu Erro and you ended up dead. The hardest part of all it was have to read in your Epitáfio: Eu Nunca Te Amei, Idiota!"

I really have a trend to end my stories sadly. I don't know why, I just do.

Do you know all this songs? Did you understood a shit any piece of it? I didn't... Really.

This text seems pretty simple but it isn't at all, it's really hard write something like that! Why don't you try it and send to me so I can post here while I'm lazy.

[PS.: Yes, I used the Google Translator a little bit.]

"Be Happy!"... Você que não sabe ler inglês e tem que confiar no que o Google Tradutor lhe diz.

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